In the beginning…

NOTE: I am moving my blog to WordPress and bringing over the first 2 posts of the blog. This is the first one originally written on February 28th, 2018.

It is the last day of February 2018 and I am writing for the first time this year… why is that important? It’s not… to anyone other than me. When I sat down to write out my goals for the year, one thing that kept weighing on my heart and mind was that I wanted to write. I don’t know why as that has never really been anything I wanted to pursue and it will probably become very evident as you read this post that I am not the most talented of writers.

I do believe that I was inspired to write for a reason and until I start actually writing, I do not know and would not know what that reason actually is.

There is a message inside me somewhere that is going to come out over the course of time. I hope you come along on this journey with me and find out what that message is.

Today, as I sat in my office doing a devotional, I broke down in tears. Not just a single tear, but the body shaking, snot bubble tears of someone who is about to lose it but found peace in what I had read.

What got me? A statement in the devotional about how much faith the father must have had to leave Jesus with nothing to return to his son who he had asked Jesus to heal. He only had Jesus words that his son would live as he made his way home. Not knowing if Jesus was reliable or understanding fully how by speaking words his son would live. Then they said what hit me… that is all we have today. We have Jesus words with us all the time. His promises, his guidance, his love, his mercy, his grace.

Why did that make me cry? Because the story of my life has been to find peace in the stuff this world has to offer and how that has let me down every step of the way. It has only been when I have submitted myself to His will and truly tried centering my life around Him and His will for me that I have had any level of peace in my life. I don’t have to do all of this alone. If I have nothing or no one else in my corner, I have Jesus. The awesome thing is that I am not alone! I do have a wonderful wife, great kids, great parents, great siblings and an incredible group of people who I can lean on if I just let my pride aside and reach out.

Isn’t that the hardest thing to do? Admit that we need help? To let people see behind the curtain as to what is really going on in our lives is as difficult as it comes. Know this… just like a curtain is a temporary wall that blocks others from seeing inside, so are the things of this world. When you let people into your home, inside the curtains, that is where the real relationship grows. As it is in your physical home, it can be in your life. Start with talking to Jesus and letting him in. Start the relationship and develop that relationship. He is there waiting for you to move towards him. He will meet you right where you are.

I got a little preachy there, but this experience this morning has prompted me to start this blog and follow through with the goal to write this year. Let’s see where it goes!

Be blessed!


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