What’s the deal with the rhino?

Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhinoceros died today. (NY Times: https://nyti.ms/2GNbT7w)

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I figured this would make for a fitting opportunity to explain why I have a rhino as my avatar.

I have “collected” rhinos since I was 19 years old. Why?

They have thick skin = they don’t let the little things bother them. Think about the little Oxpeckers (Tick Birds) that sit on their backs and eat off the ticks, blood sores and even warn the rhino of danger.


They are loyal to their group = if you piss off one of them, you pissed off all of them… a herd of raging rhino’s is not something that you want to be in front of. (That is called a “Crash” by the way.) NOTE: I was told this and always believed it, yet in writing this I thought I would research it… I cannot find much to substantiate this statement… they do associate with other rhinos, and with their offspring, but a herd is actually not zoologically correct… well… my whole adult life has been a lie… what to do now? Just kidding! The sentiment is still valid and I can modify to be that I am gentle and docile until provoked and then I will protect myself and my family / team / etc. That works!

They do not see too well since their eyes are on the side of their head… I don’t relate to the physical characteristics of eyes on the side of my head, but I do not see too well myself!

The rhino serves as a reminder to me when I have some troubles pop up on my life that I don’t need to sweat it – no thing or no person can hurt me in such a manner that I should fret over my sense of worth or wellbeing. That relationships are important and that my own personal “tick birds” are those closest to me that will speak the truth in love to me about the parasites in my life and warn me of any danger I may be wandering into.

The rhino serves as a reminder to be loyal & protective of my family, my teams, my co-workers. To show them the power of partnership and collaboration vs. politics and backstabbing.

The rhino serves as a reminder that I have blind spots in my life. Those things that I think I do well, but in reality, I am the only one who thinks that! I need to take time to ask those close to me about my blind spots on a regular basis so that I can be aware and take action to correct.



Today, the last male Northern White Rhino – Sudan – serves as a reminder that this world will use me, abuse me and throw me away for its own gain. I am to be careful about going after what this world offers without the right mindset and motive.


Be blessed!


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