Critically Acclaimed




Do you struggle in receiving feedback? Most have some sort of reaction to hearing they did not do something well and despise getting feedback.

I had the opportunity to hear Sheila Heen speak at the Global Leadership Summit a couple of years ago about her book, “Thanks for the Feedback”

She said something that has stuck with me:

“In addition to our desire to learn and improve, we long for something else that is just as fundamental: to be loved, accepted and respected just as we are.”

Wow. When you think about the times where you have received a piece of feedback from a boss, a spouse, a friend or just some stranger you cutoff in the parking lot… how did you feel? Were you receptive? Did you feel loved? Accepted? Respected? In most cases, probably not, and that is absolutely unfortunate.

Personally, I love getting feedback. I can’t say I am great at receiving it, but I do want it. I try to find the truth in each criticism and appreciate the positive. Sure, we need to consider the source, understand that the feedback may be coming from a perspective of how I am in relationship to that person. It may not be that I am or have a problem, just in how I relate to that individual.

Awareness is a call to action!

I love this quote. I am not sure who said it or where I heard it, but it has also stuck with me. When we are made aware, we have a choice… 1) take action or 2) ignore and continue on with whatever we have been doing. Are their old habits or behaviours that you have received feedback over and over and over again? Want that to change?

My hope is that these blog posts create awareness of some blind spots in all of us. Those things that we may or may not know we need to address or take action on. If anything in this post has made you aware of such an area in your life, I challenge you today to take a step forward in actively pursuing that change in yourself to become critically acclaimed!

Be blessed!


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