Just Thinking…

I wondered why…

  1. there are so many who want to build up the weak by tearing down the strong.
  2. is it that so many non-attainers are very quick to explain and belittle the strong.
  3. there are so many who cannot seem to realize that winners are usually the ones who merely execute better, at least on that particular day.
  4. is it so difficult to realize that you cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.
  5. is it that we are so slow to understand that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  6. can’t we realize that it only weakens those we want to help when we do things for them that they should do themselves.
  7. it is so easy to complain about the things we do not have, than to make the most of what we do have.
  8. is it that we often permit emotion, rather than reason, control our decision.
  9. is it so difficult to realize, at times, that nothing we can do will change the past, and the only way to effect the future is by what we do now.
  10. is it so much easier to give others the blame than it is to give them the credit.
  11. Is it that many who are quick to make suggestions find it difficult to make decisions.
  12. don’t we realize that others are certain to listen to us if first we listen to them.
  13. aren’t we more interested in finding the best way rather than having our own way.
  14. is it so difficult to develop the feeling that those under our supervision are working with us, not for us.
  15. is it much easier to be a critic than a model.
  16. is it so hard to disagree without being disagreeable.
  17. can’t we understand that all progress comes through change even though all change may not be progress.
  18. is it that we often forget that big things are accomplished by perfection to minor details
  19. do we dread adversity so much, when facing it is the only way to become stronger.
  20. can’t we motivate ourselves when we know that results come through motivation.
  • Coach John Wooden UCLA
  • Taken from the Varsity Boys Basketball Season binder created by Coach Jerry Meuschke

I hope you have enjoyed and taken something from the binder entries that I have shared from my Dad. This is the last entry from the binder.

Comment below and let me know if you have wondered any of the above yourself!


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