Take Off Your Mask(s)

  • Work Jeff
  • Home Jeff
  • Church Jeff
  • Around the guys Jeff
  • Around the parents Jeff
  • Flirty Jeff
  • Mean Jeff
  • Private Jeff
  • Real Jeff

For so much of my adult life, I wore so many different masks. I was the guy who would mirror the person I was talking to in order to be liked. I had to manage which group of friends could be around each other out of fear that one might realize I am not who they thought I was.

Can you relate?

I can honestly say that I am who I am at this point in my life… Real Jeff.

Sure, there are times were I may behave a little different from at other times, but that is more about respect for the situation than seeking approval and acceptance. You know, just like we learned when we were kids – “There is a time and a place for that!”

Be Real

Taking off our masks and daring to be known

This is a one of the values of the church I attend. It is through this church and the ministry’s available to me that I am learning to get over myself and the need for the approval of man. My value and my worth comes from one place.

Watch and listen to this song. It says it all:

I challenge you to take off your mask(s) and

Be Real…

Be Known…

Be  Blessed!


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