We have all been there… either on the receiving end or more likely, on the giving end of a nice “shunning.” I’m not referring to the shunning associated with religion and such, although that applies. I am referring to the dictionary definition of the word:

Shun: (Verb) To keep away from (a place, person, object, etc.), from motives of dislike, caution, etc.; take pains to avoid.

Again… we have all been on either side of this at some point in our lives.

What does all of this have to do with anything? I was listening to my mentor speak last week and he said some words that entered my head and made a connection with the “shun” word. He said things like… Isolation… Alienation…

It got me thinking about what the meaning of -tion was and whether it had anything to do with “shun.” The dictionary definition being:

-tion: (Suffix) Indicating state, condition, action, process or result (-ation, -ion)

Hmmm…. If the suffix is used to indicate a state, condition, action, process or result… could it be that depending on the subject this suffix is attached to, that could ultimately be a “shunning” activity? Let’s try something:

  • Isola-shun – are you shunning others to avoid dealing with them or something?
  • Aliena-shun – are you shunning community with others?
  • Rela-shun – are you shunning the thought of a relationship with anyone?
  • Situa-shun – are you shunning the circumstances around you?
  • Affec-shun – are you shunning those that love you most?
  • Addict-shun – are you shunning your enthusiasm for something? Turning to alternative self medication?
  • Correct-shun – are you shunning the feedback that people give? Worse – are you shunning others who don’t meet your standards?
  • Characteriza-shun – are you shunning others through characterizing them?

Now, let’s flip the script… If there is a correlation of -tion to shun, could we say that the opposite could be true also? What if there is NOT a correlation? What if -tion is something we can use to recognize the good parts in our lives and anti-shun ourselves?

  • Classification – I know who I belong to
  • Creation – I know who created me and He does not make junk!
  • Construction – I am a work in progress! Learning from my mistakes, making amends and asking forgiveness
  • Confirmation – I know my condition. I am confirmed
  • Galvanization – I have a band of brothers (or sisters) that I can count on and lean on through anything.
  • Position – I know where I stand and I am happy to serve right where I am
  • Relation – I am striving to be the best I can be to all who I come in contact with
  • Situation – My present situation is not my final destination
  • Introduction – When I put myself out there and meet other people who are just as nervous and anxious as me… it comforts two people

This may not make any rational sense at all, however it has been on my mind for a week now and if nothing else, I have promised myself I will not force write this blog. It will be what is on my mind and heart as I sit down to write each Wednesday morning.

My hope and prayer is that there is something about each one of these blog posts that inspires just one person who reads it and makes their day brighter.

My appreciation is great for all who have chosen to follow!

Be blessed!



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