A Year of Reflection

I posted the following to my Facebook page back in February, I found it today and it was a little convicting in some areas and encouraging in others on just how well I have been reflecting so far this year… Enjoy!

Shooting from the hip here… last year was my “Love You” year (43). My goal was to show and share love to others. 43 was a great year in my life and I am grateful to all who were a part of it.

As I enter my “mid 40s,” and think about what I want out of 44, it hit me that this needs to be a year of reflection. While the number 44 is not exactly a mirror image, it did prompt the thought of how important it is to take time to reflect periodically and assess if I am on the trajectory I want to be in life.

So, this year, I am going to think more, do more, learn more, share more and love more. I want to take steps towards some dreams I have had for a while and turn them into goals. I want to write… not sure what yet, but God has put this on my heart and I trust He will guide me. I think I have something to say and it will materialize over the next 12 months.

The reflection in the mirror… I will get myself back to where I am happy with my health and fitness. Last year’s goal to run a half marathon was accomplished, BUT has impacted my life forever… knee or no knee, that is the question…

A reflection of my Lord and Savior. My life mission statement is

“To demonstrate a well-balanced life of Christ centered principles as I strive to be a reflection of His light to all people I come in contact with.”

This mission is aspirational and yet attainable each and every day with intentionality and daily reflection on just how I lived it out. Making amends to those I fell short with.

“Armed with enough humility, one can learn something from every person we meet.”

Here’s to a year of reflection!




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