Gone Fishing

Memorial Day 2018… I put a line in the water for the first time in a very long time. Outside of one half day fishing trip I did with a small group a couple of years ago, it had been close to 15 years since I last fished!

Well, I am here to tell you that catching that first fish that morning reignited my love for this activity!

Thanks to my fisherman friend Joey (who was on that half day fishing trip with me a couple of years ago by the way), he loaned me a rod and reel along with some basic tackle so I can see if this feeling is going to stick before I go out and spend the money to buy my own stuff.

He took me out to a local spot this past Sunday evening for a couple of hours. He caught 4, I caught 2. I lost… just kidding. It’s not a competition…. or is it? I didn’t ask him if he was keeping score, but I sure was!

Last night, I had the opportunity to go again. This time with my daughter. It was a relaxing time, but also an extreme rush as she caught a fish and reeled it in. Seeing her excitement, got me excited for her and also determined to catch one of my own. (because I don’t like to lose…)


In all seriousness, I think this experience showed me and reminded me of the benefits of fishing.

For me:

  • Memories. I have new ones created this week with my daughter and Joey, a few weeks ago on Memorial Day, along with all of the great memories of fishing with my Dad, my Brother, my Sister, my Grandpa, my friends. I cannot recall there ever being a bad time fishing!

  • A couple of hours of peacefulness uninterrupted by the demands, problems or just plain chaos of life that brings a calmness of mind, a release of anxious thoughts and a time of contemplation

  • Patience, Discipline and Focus. Time spent fishing is time spent learning patience, discipline and focus. Three things that “normal” life does not allow for much of. These practices will spill over into your “normal” life as you learn that each of them can be a part of your day-to-day

  • Time of bonding with others. Whether it was with my friend Joey, or with my daughter, the time spent provided a time to catch up and be known

  • Excitement! The excitement of feeling that little jiggle of the line, setting the hook and reeling in a fish is nothing but pure joy in the moment

  • “In the moment” probably sums it all up best. You can just be…

  • Being outside! When is the last time you spent any amount of time longer than what it takes to walk to your car? It’s been a while for me…

  • A sense of accomplishment. No matter how bad your day has been, when you go fishing, you are going to experience a sense of accomplishment in some form or fashion. The epitome being the catching of fish, however there are some smaller victories as well. Switching out your lures, having to fix a broken line, getting a line unstuck from an underwater tree, taking time to contemplate what really matters in your life and recognizing all of the things you can be grateful for… the list is endless.

With that, I am going to encourage you to find your activity that can allow you to experience the joy, peace, excitement and sense of accomplishment that fishing does for me. Find that “something” that helps create lasting memories and experiences that you can draw upon forever, that lets you contemplate life and all that you are grateful for.

Be blessed!

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4 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. I think I enjoyed this one more than any of the others! You could feel your excitement and enthusiasm as I read and it spread to me!! I want to go fishing! Well written son! Love ya Dad


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