I’m worried…

I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with the need to worry quite a bit in my life…

  • Do they like me?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Will they think I am stupid?
  • Am I going to work until I’m 90?
  • Am I ever going to lose this weight?
  • Will I ever look like I want to?
  • Are my kids ok?
  • Is my wife mad at me?
  • Are my tomato plants going to ever produce fruit?
  • I haven’t heard a “good job” in a while, am I getting fired?
  • Am I ever going to get out from under this?

Worrying seems to be something that I have taken on as a way of justifying decisions, avoiding experiences and addressing problems.

Worrying seems to be the responsible thing to do as an adult. If I’m not thinking about all of these responsibilities and figuring out how to get ahead of them, I am not being a man. I am not taking care of business. I have to appear overwhelmed at all times with a weight on my shoulders apparent to everyone else around me in order to feel like I am getting it done for those who depend on me.

What? Am I that stupid? Well… for most of my adult life… yes.

I read something this morning that prompted this post. Let me share with you what they say about worry:

Our King, Jesus Christ, teaches us that it’s actually NOT responsible. You see, he didn’t come so that we’d live lives haunted by fear. He came and died to set us free from such things.


He assures us, our Father God will take care of us, whether we worry or not.


We must, therefore, adopt a radical, new mindset: “We don’t know what’s coming… but our Father God does. So, we’ll leave it to Him.”


What has helped me to worry less? A “Band of Brothers” that I can lean on, talk to about what is on my mind, get my worries out in the open and gain counsel from those who are on my side and understand those 2 verses referenced above.

Find someone, or a group of someones that you call on for help, accountability and guidance. Build those relationships into ones of trust and unconditional love so that you can have peace of mind. Let them be Jesus on earth for you.

heavy load

If your people are not building you up, they are holding you down. Look at who you hang out with and discern in prayer how you should continue to interact with them. Sometimes we have to change our playgrounds to experience real growth. There are people out there that are fully vested in seeing you succeed, you just may not have met them yet. Expand your circle, make some changes and seek the next right step for you in your life.


If you happen to feel that you are in a place that you just cannot get out of, I recommend finding a Re:Generation Recovery or Celebrate Recovery group near you. Recognizing we are powerless on our own, that we are not God and trusting our lives to Him will begin the process of heart change in you and I can promise that you will experience growth and will worry less!

Be blessed!



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