Jeff From Target…

First, I have no issues with Target. I shop there and I have even worked there at two separate times in my life.

While in school at UGA, I worked at Target and again around 2008 in an effort to keep food on the table while between jobs.

Side note: HUGE difference working there at 19 vs 34… much kudos to those who work retail! So much foot pain…

So… is it just me, or are you also paranoid about wearing the red polo with khaki pants???

Alex from Target 10 Years Later

Be quiet Best Buy! You ruined the blue shirt and khaki look… you are just as guilty!

I digress… this picture is me… today… at work… which is NOT at Target… sticking it to the man!

I would not change my Target experiences for anything. Both times I worked there were times of need, a time I had to gut check, dig deep, swallow my pride and do whatever it took to provide for my future or my family. Lots of memories and I will wear my red and khaki with my head held high!

Be blessed!


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