Don’t Be Afraid To Be Amazing.

My daughter bought me a gift this week that is a bunch of inspirational cards that are intended for you to pull one out each day as a way to kick the day off right.

There are 3 that have impacted me this week that I wanted to share.

“Acknowledging a mistake just means that you are wiser today than you were yesterday.” – Kelly Ann Rothaus

In thinking about this quote, I realize that I am not afraid to acknowledge a mistake, but where I go with it is not ideal. I do not look at it as having become wiser, and I tend to take on more responsibility for the mistake than what I am actually responsible for, if I have any responsibility at all. I am quick to take it and own it. I think that is called people pleasing… or codependency… or fear of rejection… or some other not so positive way of thinking about stuff.

“Life is very interesting if you make mistakes.” – Georges Carpentier

Yes, another one about mistakes… This one prompted me to think back about the times that I did learn well and grow, and more often than not it has been on the tails of a mistake or some other form of failure.

Today’s quote inspired me well though and is the title of this post:

“Don’t be afraid to be amazing.” – Andy Offutt Irwin

Wow… think about that… can you be amazing if you are afraid to make mistakes? Can you reach your full potential if you are afraid of falling on your face? What are we afraid of?

This reminded me of the movie Coach Carter when he asked a student about their deepest fear:

Coach Carter – Our Deepest Fear


Failure is nothing but an opportunity to learn what not to do, an opportunity to grow and learn. Embrace every opportunity you have and dare to be amazing!

Let your own light shine!

Be blessed!



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