Uphill Hopes… Downhill Habits…

Everyone, including me, has uphill hopes but downhill habits…

John Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile is UPHILL. Life is not easy, never has been, isn’t supposed to be… Everything we have in life that is beautiful, it is uphill. A great marriage? Health? Success is uphill.”


How, as leaders, can we help ourselves AND those we influence to break through these downhill habits?


Until we are intentional about our investment into ourselves and our people, we are going to continue to slide down that slippery slope of mediocrity…. looking up and wishing, instead of looking up and doing.

What we need to understand is that most people do not lead their lives… they accept their life. It is unintentional and downhill.

Mr. Maxwell shares 5 ways to do every day to intentionally start going uphill:

  1. Value people
    • foundational to being intentional.
    • Are we going to spend our lives connecting with people or correcting them?
  2. Think of ways to add value to people
    • Intentional living is up front thinking. Back end thinking = repairing…
    • Who am I going to see today and how am I going to add value to them?
  3. Look for ways to add value to people
    • While you are with people, look for ways to add value
    • We see things as WE are, not as THEY are – look for ways to add value
  4. Add value to others
    • Go from knowing & thinking to DOING
    • Ask yourself, “Did I add value to people today?”
  5. Encourage others to add value to people


I don’t know about you, but I needed this today… I have been on a crazy cycle lately and not adding a lot of value to anyone that I am around. I have been worried about how I feel, how I am being valued… very selfish thinking on my part.

  • Selfishness is about self
  • Significance is about others.
  • Selfishness and Significance are incompatible!

Don’t think you can be selfish? Think about the last time you were in a group picture… and when you were shown the picture, did you judge it based on how YOU looked or how the GROUP looked? Yep, me to…

I am going to end this post here, but not without a 2 part challenge!

  1. For the next 5 minutes, think about the rest of your day, who are you going to see? Now, ask yourself how you can add value to their day.
  2. As you go through the rest of your day, when you are in a place where you may just be “passing through” LOOK for someone to add value to, then do it.

I would love to hear about your experiences in adding value. Please comment below, or feel free to email me directly.

Be blessed!

NOTE: Many of the thoughts and suggestions were derived from the notes I took during the 2016 Global Leadership Summit where John Maxwell spoke.





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