Ain’t No Half Steppin

Anyone have the tendency to glorify your past? I do…

It tends to come up when I am trying to compare, outdo, one up or prove to someone that  did not know me back then that I am more than what I may present in my mid-40’s…

The reality is this… glorifying my past only makes me feel bad about my present and robs me of what my future may bring.

Don’t get me wrong, remembering the past is not in and of itself a bad thing. In fact it is necessary to ensure that I do not repeat the mistakes of my past and continue to grow from those lessons.

Another reason my past tends to come into play is when the future scares the crap out of me… the unknown… the “stinkin thinkin” that I may not be good enough for what lies ahead.


It makes me think of the all time greatest example of someone who glorifies their past, hates their present situation and cannot even fathom that it could change or that their future is anything but more of the same outside of their dreams and fantasies… of course I am speaking of the one an only….



I digress… I heard recently from John Maxwell the following statement

If you are still excited about what you did five years ago… you aren’t growing!

Wow! That is a 2×4 upside the head kind of statement!

I am going to challenge myself and anyone reading this blog post to put our fears aside, spend some time reflecting on what we want out of our futures and take one step forward towards that future.

Let’s figure out what our “next” is and what our “why” is behind that next.

I think the term “NEXT STEPS” has a dual meaning… they are the next steps we take regardless of our direction AND they are steps that help drive us towards what is next in our lives!

Let’s get to steppin and in the immortal words of one Big Daddy Kane….


Be blessed!


1 thought on “Ain’t No Half Steppin

  1. I love the forward thinking and forward view, and you’re right, it can be kinda scary – I think it’s more the unknown than just the future that gets me!

    In a job search situation (current reality for me) we are forced into this mold of glorifying our past – resume’s, accomplishments, results, references, applications all mostly focus on what you’ve already done. I enjoy the rare interaction where you begin to dream about the future, talk about the value you can bring, and see the future value rather than the past. That’s what really drives my enthusiasm engine both as a candidate and as a hiring manager.

    We need less “Glory Days” by Springsteen and more Corey Hart – “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”!


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