First Vlog

I’m sure there is a ton of feedback that could be given around this… I hope the message is not lost in the distraction of my morning hairdo…

Be blessed!


6 thoughts on “First Vlog

  1. OK – I’m changing my hairstyle today to the “Jeff Cut”! 🙂 Great message for this time of year – to stay focused on God’s gift to us rather than the stress of season. God knows and yet he still loves. Thank you Sir!


  2. First—that hair!!! Love it ‘cause I’m your Mom and love everything about you!! 🤓
    Second—great message! Powerful message! With all that is being “thrown at us” every minute of every day it is best to reflect on the Word! There you will find truth! And knowing that Jesus loves us and forgives us is HUGE!! Rest assured that knowing this brings great comfort!
    Third—Good job with your first Vlog!! You are AWESOME!! Spread the Word!!! 143!


  3. Encouraged I am! You know it’s really hard to filter out some of the negativity the world throws at us or even myself, but to be able to look to Jesus and know that he loves me no matter what I encounter is truly heart warming! Have a great day, I like this new vlog you started! Keep it up, you have so many great things to say to this world and I want your voice to be heard. I love you dad..

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