Human Judgment

Adam Grant is someone I heard speak at the Global Leadership Summit a few years ago. He is an organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, New York Times bestselling author of GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS, and OPTION B with Sheryl Sandberg.

This morning, this post popped up on his Instagram feed:

It got me thinking…

Am I relying too much on the data to tell me what to do, or am I allowing it to inform my decisions in such a way that I am able to make better decisions for me, my family, my work?

How about you?


1 thought on “Human Judgment

  1. Very interesting post – and I agree. One of the big learnings I have from my job search right now is that the Recruiting/Talent Acquisition process is broken and I think technology and data have a large share of the blame. We have become so focused on resume data gathering, application keyword scapes, and skill match percentages that we are forgetting that we are hiring PEOPLE, not pieces of aligned data. It’s like trying to Frankenstein a perfect candidate using technology – you still end up with a monster.


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