What’s Next?

These two words have come up in conversation this week multiple times. Either in me asking someone what is next for them, or someone asking me what’s next for me.

The latter of those two scenarios has me stumped…

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. Part of that is me being true to myself when I said up fron that I would not be “forcing” this thing and that it is truly a blog that is only written when I feel inspired. The other part of that is just that… I have not been inspired… until today.

This is a picture of the marker board hanging in my home office.

Prior to this morning, it had goals written on it for my daughter Kayla. I had sat with her at the beginning of January and we went through an exercise to identify what she wanted to accomplish this year. She came up with a list of about 5 things, all attainable and all challenging in that it was going to cost her something significant for her to accomplish them.

She went out and accomplished ALL but 1 in the first 45 days of the year! She has inspired me.

My son. Sends me snapchats of him and his girlfriend on the treadmill. Running. Followed by photos of healthy foods (mostly) and that he has dubbed this the year he “turns it all around.” How is THAT not inspiring? We have agreed to help each other in this area and provide each other with some accountability and encouragement.

So… in my quiet time this morning, I began contemplating the question for myself. Asking what’s next? What’s holding me back? Where is my heart right now? Where am I being called? I don’t have answers yet, but I did get inspired to write this because I get the feeling that this question is a BIG question for many of us and my hope and prayer is that this post, stories within and through prayer and meditation on the bible verses reflected in the picture will inspire, challenge and encourage us both to step out of the fears and insecurities of life and take that next right step towards what IS next for us!

Be blessed!


1 thought on “What’s Next?

  1. OK, first off – anytime you’re thowing Habukkuk out there, it’s getting REAL! I’m right there with ya brother. What’s next has been a huge topic for me lately. I know that God has an amazing plan for each of us – at the appointed time. Faithfulness and patience are my words – and the latter is one I struggle with. John Waller has a great song called “While I’m Waiting”. It’s instructive and is getting me through to “what’s next”. As always, thanks for sharing Sir!

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